‘’We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.’’ – Robin Williams


The living room has a special place in the life of every individual. You spend your free time watching TV, playing with your kids or entertaining guests here. Therefore, to create a suitable ambience within the atmosphere, you need to very particular about every aspect of the room. An experienced and accomplished interior designer can ensure that the paint, furniture and upholstery complement each other perfectly.



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Furniture is a vital aspect in the design aesthetics of the living room. If you need to bring a change in its look and strike a chord with visitors, then custom made furniture will do the trick. If space is a limitation for you, then you need to choose your furniture very carefully. In any case, space enhancement is not your aim, but you need to use the available space to fit your customized furniture within the room and still leave ample space for guests/your family.


One common problem that people face after buying furniture is the lack of free movement within the room. To unite the space between the floor and the wall, you can make use of a large rug. The use of a barn door will ensure that there is a demarcation between the kitchen and living space. The use of white upholstery and decorative accents in different light shades. This will add a certain level of sophistication, yet make your room appear all natural and attractive.


living room

Credit: Southernliving.com


To add a rustic charm to the living room, try the ruffles and plaids. You can also use painted slaids and white linens on them. If you are willing to add a Victorian charm to your living room, then opt for a flat-top trunk as a coffee table. It will form a perfect match with the neutral color shade of your living room. To create a focal point within the room, a faux fireplace with antique mantel would be the perfect choice.


Budget is a major factor when dealing with interior redecoration or furniture upholstery. That is where you will be taken in for a surprise! Compared to the readymade furniture that you come across in the market, custom made furniture is more affordable. Moreover, you have the freedom to offer your own ideas to the designer to inculcate within the design plan. Also, if your present furniture has a strong frame then you can just remodel the old piece of furniture and renovate it into a completely new piece of furniture according to your wishes at a marginal rate.


So, to give your living room the much needed revamp, you should trust an interior decorator who can incorporate and think out of the box, and work on unconventional ideas.