Is your sofa, wooden table, showcase, or other furniture around your home starting to look of age? If so then you know by now that your interior decorations are suddenly losing their life and charm. Instead of kicking your furniture to the curb, why not consider getting furniture repair in the greater New York area?


When furniture restoration and refinishing is done right, it brings back the integrity and aesthetic value of the original piece. At Simon’s Decorating & Design, we pride ourselves in helping our customers get the right furniture refinishing and rehabilitation for their investments.


How It Works

As the leading furniture builder in New York, we can help you bring life back in your furniture to creating a fresh new look for an affordable price. You can choose to bring your furniture over to our office (hyperlink), or call us to get on-site consultation, evaluation, and estimate.

Depending on your needs and the type of furniture you have, we can restore the furniture with wood and leather fittings or create a new look. It takes from 10 days up to 4 weeks for us to complete furniture refinishing, based on the nature of work required. If you are not sure how we can help, call us today for consultation and learn why we are the trusted furniture builders in New York City.