Handcrafted Furniture to Compliment Your Home or Business

When it comes to furniture, you could have hundreds of great ideas to bring a theme-like vibe to your interior space. However, they may not actually work unless you work with a furniture builder who is well acquainted with your needs, for a timeless piece of furniture.

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At Simon’s Decorating and Design, we help you get the most exquisitely handcrafted furniture that is custom-made to your requirements. Also, we expertise in restoring Family heirlooms. Whether you want to get a coffee table to optimise the use of the available space. Or you wish to buy a customized sofa set that compliments the open floor space plan. We make sure our craftsmen deliver on your demands on time and well within the budget!

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How It Works

If you are looking for customized furniture or have a custom upholstery of your old furniture in New York, then contact Simon’s Decorating and Design to get personalized furniture of your preferences. We expertise in providing custom furniture service in NYC. Also, our service of Custom headboard is available in Long Island and Brooklyn as well. Not just this, we also provide you with a custom made slipcovers for your furniture in the New York tri-state area in accordance with your preference as well.

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Get started

Provide us with a drawing or an outline of the design that you are looking forward to and we will customize it. We do not leave you out of the process, everything in and on your furniture is hand picked and selected by you under the watch guidance of our experts. You can choose between different types of wood, colors, fabrics, styles, leather, and extras that complete the furniture.

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After availing our services, you will feel like getting a custom made furniture in New York was never this easy. We drive on high-quality craftsmanship and partnership with local wood, fabric, and leather dealers. This makes us, the ideal choice for residential and as well as commercial clients. Our experience in woodwork, wood furniture and refinishing, and custom made furniture, makes us the ideal choice for homes and offices in New York. Get in touch with us today and find out more!