Get High-Quality Leather for Furniture Upholstering that Ages Like Wine!

There is no greater feeling of richness and luxury than high-quality leather covers on your sofas and chairs. However, most people avoid improving the leather exterior as part of the furniture or call an expert for leather upholstery. Which is not a practical solution as it degrades the remaining life of your customized and useful furniture and projects a very shabby outlook.
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At Simon’s Decorating & Design, we understand that each piece of leather is a work of art and has historical significance that makes it a unique product of nature. This is why, we strive to provide our residential and commercial clients with a broad range of leather that is created to perfection, making it the ideal solution to your furniture restoration needs in New York. Every piece of leather is exclusive in terms of weight, grain, quality, and application. Once you utilize our service of Leather upholstery or leather furniture repair, you will drop the idea of wasting your hard earned money in buying a new piece of furniture.
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We are proud to be among the top choice for Leather Furniture repair or Leather upholstery in New York, Brooklyn, Long Island. Our expert team of craftsmen work dedicatedly to customize your and repair your Leather Furniture in accordance with your preference.
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Simon’s Decorating & Design helps you make sure that you get the right leather upholstery during furniture restoration to benefit from long term use and beer aesthetic appeal. Once you give us a call or get in touch with our customer support team, you can book a free onsite consultation and get an estimate. Alternately, you can visit our showroom with furniture that needs new leather. We then help you choose between different types of leather, which you can also customize as per your preference. Once the process is complete, we will deliver the furniture with freshly fied leather at your doorstep, or you can pick it up from our showroom as per your convenience. While you’re all making up your mind, have a look at our leather gallery for upholstery that creates a timeless look for your home or business interior!
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