Custom Made Window Treatments that Transform Your Interior Space

Your home or workplace is only complete once experts add their flavor of window treatments to it. From draperies to blinds, there are many factors to consider in terms of style, feel, and comfort that are associated with window treatments in NYC.


At Simon’s Decorating & Design, we provide our customers with the best custom made window treatments in NYC that complements the existing theme of your home or workplace. We provide a wide range of design styles for residential and commercial clients, including American Colonial, English Country, Modern, Contemporary, and Minimalist, that reflect the theme of your space.
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Choose fabrics ranging from rich velvets to silk and damasks for a formal look or cotton and linen for a casual look to dress up your windows. Choose between different styles in curtains, blinds, and draperies that welcome sunlight into your space in the most elegant way possible.

Our interior decorators are experts in customized window treatments, cabinet refacing, and custom made headboard design that are personalized as per your needs. Our service is available locally in NYC and Brooklyn, but it is at par with the best interior designers We help you choose the best-customized blinds, draperies, curtains, style, cabinet film, and headboard material that will make you say, ‘that’s my style!’
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Simon’s Decorating & Design takes pride in helping you create formal living rooms, casual bedrooms, functional and beautiful kitchens, and professional and exquisite office spaces. Custom made window treatments and interior furniture design go a long way in adding a finishing touch to your interior space, which is important for homes, offices, restaurants, and other areas of business. With our expert craftsmen that have more than a decade of experience, we make sure we implement a unique look for each client!
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